Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It’s hard, really, really hard

 We all know how important is to keep in touch with family.
Have you wondered how much it means for crewmembers onboard cruise lines? Most of them make living by adding up your gratuities. If you want to reward their good service, and wonder what gift they might appreciate more than any other, think no further - it's an internet card or a telephone card. Most cruise lines price them at  $10 apiece.
Here's a text from one crewmember from Croatia after 30 days onboard:

Forum username: svenkran
Country: Croatia
Company: Royal Caribbean
Occupation: Assistant Waiter
Ship: Allure Of The Seas
Posts: 69

"It was my birthday the other day, I looked up on Facebook and what do I see?
A picture of my wife, child and a cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY …
It took me literally back to the very beginning of the contract, chaos, horror, tears, I cried like a girl in front all those people in the internet room.
It’s hard, really hard, here, even now as I write this text, I think of them and tears start running down my face."

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