Princess Cruise WiFi

Wireless Internet Access
Princess Cruises offers Wireless Internet Access fleet wide, 24 hours a day.
To help you get started,
please refer to the useful information below.
Princess Cruises is not responsible for any content
transmitted via the Internet nor does it guarantee privacy or data security.

How do I log in?

Once you are in range of the Wireless signal, simply connect to the broadcasted network.

SSID (Network name: Caribbean-Princess)
Once connected, start your Intemet Browser and you will be directed to the Login Page.

Username: Your first initial, last name & cabin number - all lowercase with no spaces.

Example: John Davis in Cabin B230 would be jdavisb230
Password Your date of birth in 6-digit fonnat: mmddyy.
Example: April 30th, 1965 would be 043065.

Select a Billing Plan, and get connected!
Once you are logged in, a pop-up window (your Logout

button) will appear. This button can be minimized, but it should remain open until you are ready to end your session.

Wireless access locations
Wireless service is available in the following locations: Atrium (Decks 5 & 7 — mid-ship);
Internet Cafe (Deck 7 - fwd); Horizon Court (Deck 15 — Aft); Off Limits (Deck 16 — Aft)

Don’t forget to log out!
To end your Internet session and discontinue billing, simply click on the “Log Out” button. To enable this, remember to disable your Pop-Up Blocker. If this “Log Out” button did not appear, simply type in in your Browser’s Address Bar to immediately end your Internet session.

Didn’t bring my laptop!
Use your laptop or Princess Cruises' laptops!
Laptops are available for rent for $5.00 per hour (limited quantity
If you use your own Wireless card, it must support the 802.1 1B wireless protocol.

What is the cost of Princess Cruises internet access?

4 Pricing options are available for selection on-screen, 24 hours a day:
Time Plan #1: 250 Minute for $100.00 ($0.40/minute)
Time Plan #2: 150 Minutes for $75.00 ($0.50/minute)
Time Plan #3: 100 Minutes for $55.00 (0.55/minute)
Pay-As-You-Go at $0.75/minute

Time Plan minutes can be used until you disembark the ship.
Time Plans are interchangeable
between the Internet Cafe terminals and personal laptops.
A $3.95 Activation Fee applies to all
users upon your first login only.

Printing is available at $0.50 per print job.
Please see below for
more information.

Wireless printing
Wireless printing is available, and will print to the printer located in the Intemet Cafe. Please refer to the on-screen instructions to install the printer on your laptop.
Your onboard account will
automatically be charged for all print jobs.
Princess Cruises is not responsible for printed pages that are not
picked up immediately.

SMTP Server & VPN Access
Microsoft Outlook and other Mail client users may need to change the outgoing SMTP address to VPN access is limited. PPTP and IPSec type VPNs may not connect.

Can't get connected?

Each laptop is configured differently and some settings may need to be changed to
Some suggestions: .

1. Double-click on the “Wireless Connection” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
a. Select “Caribbean-Princess”.
Check the “Allow me to Connect” box, then click “Connect"

b. Click on “Properties” and choose the “Wireless Networks” tab.
Double click on “Caribbean
c. Under the “Association” tab, all boxes should be unchecked. Select “Disabled” under
“Data Encryption”

2. Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Internet Options> ”Connections” tab
a. Make sure “never dial a connection is selected in the top box.
b. Click on the “Lan Settings” button at the bottom.
c. Make sure “Automatically detect settings” is checked at the top
d. Make sure “Use a Proxy Server” is not checked

3. Look in the system tray (next to the clock on the task bar) for:
a. Firewall Sofiware/Internet Security Program: Right-click on the icon.
Select “Disable"

b. Pop-up Blocker Program: Right-click on the icon: Select “Disable”

4. Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> Network Connections
a. Ensure the SSID is turned off:
i. Right-click “Wireless Network Connection”> Properties> ”Wireless Networks” tab
ii. Click “Configure”. Ensure that all boxes are unchecked
b. Ensure DHCP is enabled on the wireless card:
i. Right-Click the “Wireless Network Connection”>Properties
ii. Double-click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”
iii. Make sure “Obtain an IP address automatically” is selected twice
iv. Make sure “Obtain DNS server address automatically” is selected. Click “OK"
5. If you are running Norton Anti-Virus, disable script blocking:
a. Go to Norton Anti-virus Properties
b. Find the “Script Blocking” box. Be sure it is not checked.

MAC users:

1. Tum on the “Airport” in the “Internet Connect” application:
a. Open “Finder” (two-tone happy face) from the task bar (menu dock at bottom)
b. Click on the “Application” button (pencil, pen & ruler in the shape of an A)
c. Scroll down the list of applications and open “Internet Connect” (yellow & black icon globe & phone)
d. Click on the “Tum on Airport” button: Open the network menu (using the drop-down: select “Caribbean-Princess”

2. If “Caribbean-Princess” network does not appear in the network menu list:
a. Go to “Dock” menu > “System Preferences” > “Network” (dark blue globe) > “Preferences"
b. The following settings should be marked:
i. LOCATION: et to “automatic”
ii. SHOW: set to “Airport”
iii. TCP/IP: >>CONFIGURE >> set to “Using DHCP”

iv. AIRPORT TAB: Select "Join a specific network" to select “Caribbean-Princess”
v. click "Apply now" and restart laptop

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